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L. G. Sloan, Ltd

from a 1929 advertisement

L. G. Sloan, Ltd, 41 Kingsway, London W.C.1

Above: 'Thames Side' playing cards manufactured by the Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd specially for the importer and stationer L.G. Sloan Ltd, London, 1930s. The back design was also found on Universal P.C.C's Fortune Telling sets. The box features a drawing of The London Embankment & Cleopatra's Needle.

Above: double set of playing cards manufactured by The Universal Playing Card Co., Ltd for the stationers L. G. Sloan, Ltd, c.1936. The joker and ace of spades were specially customised for L. G. Sloan.

L. G. Sloan was also distribution agent for the popular crossword card game “Kan-U-Go” and cards by the U.S. Playing Card Co., as well as Waterman's Pens (see below).

L. G. Sloan Advertisement for Waterman's Pens, 1934
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