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Hungarian Seasons playing cards by G. Berger, Buenos Aires

G. Berger, manufacturer of playing cards, Buenos Aires, Argentina c.1935-50

Hungarian 'Seasons' playing cards made by G. Berger, Alsina 373, Buenos Aires c.1940

Little is known about this manufacturer. The cards shown on this page date from the 1940s or early 50s.

The brand name "La Estrella" with a six-pointed star logo was subsequently used by Igor Domicelj and Vigor S.R.L., suggesting some sort of business succession. In particular, the six-pointed star motif was used on the ace of coins in Spanish-suited decks, or on the ace of spades in Anglo-American ones. The ear of wheat motif was also used on the box of Igor Domicelj-Vigor's version of Naipes Tipo Húngaro.

Hungarian 'Seasons' playing cards made by G. Berger, Alsina 373, Buenos Aires c.1940

See also:  Hungarian ‘Seasons‘ pattern by Piatnik, c.1991.

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