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Naipes Guarany by C. Della Penna S.A., Buenos Aires, c.1940

Tax stamp. c.1940-50

Naipes GUARANY by C. Della Penna S.A. & Cía, playing card manufacturer and publisher, Buenos Aires, c.1935-1940

Naipes Guarany was one of Della Penna's leading brands of Anglo-American type playing cards, and was produced in successive editions until the company was taken over in 1978. The court cards are based on the designs of De La Rue. This early example shows the company name as C. Della Penna & Cía, before it became C. Della Penna S.A.C.I.

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Ace of spades, naipes Guarany, c.1940 Ace of hearts, naipes Guarany, c.1940 Joker, naipes Guarany, c.1940 King of diamonds, naipes Guarany, c.1940
Jack of spades, naipes Guarany, c.1940 Blue back, naipes Guarany, c.1940 Red back, naipes Guarany, c.1940 Queen of clubs, naipes Guarany, c.1940

Above: cards from two matching Naipes Guarany decks, with red or blue backs. The company name of C. Della Penna & Cía and the green "Mercury" tax stamp on the ace of hearts suggests a date of c.1935-40. This particular deck was used in the Club del Progreso (the oldest existing club in Buenos Aires) and has their stamp on the ace of hearts. The Joker and Ace of spades show the Indian with bow-and-arrow motif.

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