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Naipes El Heraldo, later style

Naipes El Heraldo (type 2, c.1975)

ace of spades, c.1975 joker, c.1975 queen of diamonds

Cards from a later 'El Heraldo' pack, with simplified aces, a new joker and court cards based on those of Hallmark (USA), by Cia Fabril Financiera S.A, Iriarte 2035, Buenos Aires, c.1975-75. At this time Joker S.A., of Tacaurí 127, Bs. As., were acting as exclusive agents for Fabril Financiera, but in 1977 Joker S.A. became an independent playing-card publisher and took over Cia Fabril Financiera's interest.

back design king of clubs jack of hearts
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