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Editorial Gráfica Flores, Buenos Aires, c.1970-90

Editorial Gráfica Flores S.A. were manufacturers of playing cards and card games around c.1970-90. They produced comic animal and "Pinocho" cards with Spanish suit symbols, as well as several editions of "Punto y Banca" standard Spanish-suited and Anglo-American type playing cards. The cards are attractively designed but printed on low grade card. At some stage the name Pro Graf appears printed on the box of certain editions.

Naipes Pinocho

Right: cards from a Spanish-suited children's pack titled 'Pinocho' published by Editorial Gráfica Flores c.1975. 48 cards + 2 Jokers.

Comic Animals playing cards

Above: 48-card "Punto y Banca" Comic Animals playing cards, plus 2 jokers. Every card has a different drawing. The Joker shows the name Editorial Gráfica Flores.

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Below: 50 card pack of Spanish-suited playing cards, including 2 Jokers. The right-hand Joker is from a different edition carrying the title "Punto y Banca". The box states "Made in Argentina by Plastic License for Export" and "for professional use". Note the lettering of the word "Joker" is the same as above example.


Above: 50-card "Punto y Banca" Spanish-suited playing cards, including 2 jokers. The Jokers have been re-designed in this edition to show a roulette wheel, which also appears on the four of coins. Packs similar to this with the name "Felicidades" were also produced with the name Pro Graf printed on the box.

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Rules for Punto y Banca.

A standard Anglo-American version of Naipes "Punto y Banca" was also produced in red & black, with the same jokers and back design as in the above examples. The Ace of Spades has a star and seated lion motif.

Above: Anglo-American version of Naipes "Punto y Banca" produced by Editorial Gráfica Flores S.A. [Image grabbed from eBay; acknowledgements to 'morethantazos'].

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