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Coimexpor playing cards, Industria Gráfica Pesout, c.2008

Coimexpor Argentina S.A. crest

Coimexpor Spanish-suited playing cards printed by Industria Gráfica Pesout, S.A., Chaco 2265, Valentín Alsina, Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina, c.2008

This deck was designed specially for Coimexpor Argentina S.A., cigarette manufacturers, and features advertising for V8 Lights on the reverse. The court cards are based on the Spanish Catalan pattern but the same figures are repeated in each suit with changes of colour or figures facing the opposite direction. The crown and lion motifs from Coimexpor's crest can be seen on several cards and there is a government health warning on the four of cups.

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Naipes Coimexpor, made by Pesout S.A. c.2008
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