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Posted November 17, 2013 | Last Updated January 12, 2014 at 05:25pm

Naipes Tango by Producciónes Gráficas Arco Iris, 1999

The images in this pack celebrating the Argentinian dance of Tango - with music characterized by counterpoint - conjure up the early 1900s era. The 10s are ‘Taitas’ (local Argentinean men); the 11s are “El Cachafaz” (a famous Tango dancer with his partner Carmencita Calderón) and the 12s depict Carlos Gardel (the King of Tango). The non-standard suit symbols add more visual interest to the musical theme... a street light, a ‘bandoneón’ (type of accordion or concertina), the ‘facón’ knife and gourd-shaped mate drinking cup. The four Aces are set against a pale blue flower motif in the background and all cards have decorative scrolls and undulating vines in the borders, suggesting the movement of the dance.

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Naipes Tango by Producciónes Gráficas Arco Iris, 1999

Above: 'Naipes Tango' Argentinian style playing cards by Producciónes Gráficas Arco Iris, Av. Diaz Velez 986, Villa Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, 1999. 48 cards + 2 Jokers in special box.

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