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Naipes Chinita by Vigor S.R.L., Buenos Aires, c.1955


Naipes CHINITA Spanish-suited playing cards manufactured by Vigor S.R.L., Buenos Aires, 1955

Naipes Chinita was one of Vigor's brands of Spanish-suited playing cards, alongside Naipes Barcelonesa, La Estrella and La Española. Decks contained 40 cards.

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Naipes CHINITA, c.1955

Left & right: Naipes Chinita in green or brown wrappers, manufactured by Vigor S.R.L., c.1955. In both cases the company's capital value is quoted as $ 1,000,000 Pesos.

The Spanish word 'Chinita' means an Asian girl who looks mixed of two or more races, for example, Philippine with Chinese blood.

Naipes CHINITA, c.1955

The Patent Office Registration documents, dated 22nd June 1955, show the original designs for Naipes Chinita. By holding these up to the light, we can read beneath the sample card and wrapper the name of Igor Domicelj (c.1950-55), who was the company's predecessor, operating at the same address.

Tax band, c.1955

Above: tax band from Naipes Chinita, c.1955.



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