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Naipes Tipo Húngaro

Hungarian Playing Cards - Naipes Tipo Húngaro

Manufactured by IGOR L. M. DOMICELJ / Naipes VIGOR S.R.L., Tejedor 244-256, Buenos Aires.  32 cards "Seasons" pattern, with Argentinean tax stamp and trade mark of six-pointed star on 7 of bells, c.1955-60.

Naipes Tipo Húngaro, c.1955 Naipes Tipo Húngaro, c.1955

The name Igor L.M. Domicelj on the box of this Hungarian-type pack suggests that the company name "Vigor" may have been inspired by the founder's forename Igor. The six-pointed star trade mark, as seen on the box and the seven of bells, also appeared on cards made by G. Berger in the 1940s. It also appears as the reverse design in the Jewish Quartet game, as well as on the ace of spades in standard English packs produced by Vigor and their successors Gráfica 2001.

See also:  Hungarian ‘Seasons‘ pattern by Piatnik, c.1991.

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