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Spirit Playing Cards

Standard court cards show the king, queen and jack looking sideways and diagonal; these elegant Spirit playing cards show the court characters front-facing.

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Rick Davidson's “Origins” playing cards is an inspired, present-day re-design of the standard Anglo-American deck

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Linocut Printed Tarot Cards by Cecile Jaillard

Linocut is a printing technique similar to woodblock printing where a design is cut into linoleum (a wood mixture) using a sharp knife or chisel; the lino sheet is then inked and pressed into a sheet to produce the image. Cecile Jaillard from Strasbourg, France has used this method to create her own tarot pack.

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Different Playing Cards by Teach By Magic

Instead of the usual ace of spades, or a seven of diamonds, this pack has a "spade of aces" and a "diamond of sevens"; meaning that the spade is made up of aces using a typographic and illustrative style. Each card has been individually designed, containing hidden symbols and interesting typographical flourishes.

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Magic Tricks

​The World of Playing Cards is looking to expand its content by adding a new card trick database. Covering basic tricks to help bring a wider awareness to card tricks. If you're a magician and would be interested in contributing please contact us.

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Requiem Playing Cards by Lorenzo Gaggiotti

This pack has been inspired by the Requiem Mass, a Mass celebrated for the souls of one or more deceased persons. The dark style of illustrations features occult symbols and imagery such as horns, hearts, thorns and skulls and the typography reflects ancient latin scripts.

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Use Rubber At Night by Shantanu Suman

Shantanu Suman has created a pack to help educate people in India about safe sex and especially targeted at India's truck drivers. The artwork is bright and bold, inspired by the popular truck art.

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Robocards by Artua

This art project by Artua consists of four cards which were inspired by robots and the stories of Isaac Asimov and the Three Laws of Robotics

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