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Collectors' Playing Cards for Sale

I TRY TO PUT REASONABLE PRICES ON WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER; COMPARE THEM WITH eBAY AND OTHER INTERNET SELLERS. If anyone wants to buy a large number (all?!) of these items, I'm happy to consider an offer for bulk purchase. If anyone is interested, please contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

Please note that POSTAGE is EXTRA.

1 Müller patience-size piquet pack with modernized courts, 36 cards, box, c.1990, Exc £5

2 East German version of Dondorf's Rokoko design, double box, c.1970?, VG+ £8

3 (top left) Waddington for A V Roes, Wellington bomber, c.1955, single unopened pack in double box. £10

4 (top centre and right) Alf Cooke for British India Steam Navigation Co., box, c.1963, very good. £4

5 (bottom) De La Rue unopened pack advertising gas, slide-in box, c.1930. £8

6 Legends PCCo Latitude, 2015. Standard PCCo courts of the 1890s, jokers make up Chinese waterfront with junk, box, Mint £5

7 Legends Serpentine, 2014, box Mint £5

8 De La Rue pneumatic pack from George V's household, c.1930, broken box, Excellent £12

9 Universal for Sloan, stationers, c.1935, unused £5

10 De La Rue for Boots the Chemist, Goodall courts and AS, 2 x 32 + jokers, c.1925, damaged box, very good £12

11 Waddington GDW12 double box with pheasant backs based on Barribal's design, no jokers, c.1955, very good £6

12 Kimberley Press courts and aces only, c.1895, Good - Very good, £28

13 Legends Luxx Greille by Rick Davidson, 2015, Mint £7

14 Müller standard Swiss pattern, 36 cards, advert for Appenzell cheese and drink, no box, c.1990, Exc £3

15 Müller Jass cards, 36, same advert as 14, no box, c.1990, Exc £3

16 Top: Altenburger Deutsches Bild, Skat pack, box, Mint £3

17 Bottom: Same in patience format, no box £3

18 USPCC Origins for Rick Davidson, the artist's reinterpretation of the Rouen pattern, 2014, box, Mint £6

19 Carta Mundi, 54 posters from WWII, oversize cards, box, c.1995, Mint £3

20 Carta Mundi, 53 posters from the London Underground from 1911 to 1938, plus one from 1950, 54 oversize cards, box, c.1980, Mint £3

21 Legends PCCo Fishing, different fish on each card, same for each suit, box, unused £4

22 Top: Idé Berlin pattern with redrawn figures, Skat pack, Karo einfach (unadorned diamonds) backs advertising their own cards, plastic box, Mint £3

23 Bottom: East German Coeur Skat, Berlin pattern redrawn courts, backs advertise the FDP (German Liberal party, in West Germany at the time of the date on the calendar card!), plastic box, 1982, very good £3

24 Altenburger Berlin pattern Skat pack with shaded diamonds, plastic box, Mint £4

25 ASS reissue of the Dondorf Centennial pack of 1933, made in 1975, no box, Mint £6

26 Berliner Spielkarten Berlin pattern Skat pack advertising Nackter Spatz (naked sparrow) plum liqueur and Flotter Rammler (smart buck rabbit) a sloe drink with whisky, plastic box, Mint £4

27 Betal child's pack, a few odd court designs, e.g. KC and JD, no joker, box, c.1938 or 1948, unused £5

28 De La Rue for Cosmos, Waddington courts and joker, box, c.1946, unused £6

29 Waddington for Metrovick Cosmos lamps, c.1925, in leather case, G+ £5

30 Harrison Marks Wolf Pack, 52 photos of (mostly) nude women, c.1955, no box, unused £10

31 Angel Card Co Ukiyoe pack, different painting on each card, c.1980, box, Mint £5

33 Pepys Shuffled Symphonies, Pears ad. on back of rules, 1939, VG+, tatty box £8

34 Top: Neue Nürnberger Berlin pattern Skat for Texaco, plastic box, Mint £3

35 Bottom: Düsseldorfer Spielkartenvertrieb Berlin pattern Skat for Continental Insurance Group, interesting redrawing, plastic box, Mint £3

37 De La Rue Cheery Families, 13 x 4 families, c.1910, box, VG+ £6

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