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Collectors' Playing Cards for Sale

I TRY TO PUT REASONABLE PRICES ON WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER; COMPARE THEM WITH eBAY AND OTHER INTERNET SELLERS. If anyone wants to buy a large number (all?!) of these items, I'm happy to consider an offer for bulk purchase. If anyone is interested, please contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

Please note that POSTAGE is EXTRA.

1 Müller patience-size piquet pack with modernized courts, 36 cards, box, c.1990, Exc £5

2 Goodall 32-card bézique + joker, c.1910, mint. £5

3 (centre left) Waddington for A V Roes, Wellington bomber, c.1955, single unopened pack in double box. £10

4 (centre and right) Alf Cooke for British India Steam Navigation Co., box, c.1963, very good. £4

5 (bottom) De La Rue unopened pack advertising gas, slide-in box, c.1930. £8

6 Legends PCCo Latitude, 2015. Standard PCCo courts of the 1890s, jokers make up Chinese waterfront with junk, box, Mint £5

7 Legends Serpentine, 2014, box Mint £5

8 De La Rue pneumatic pack from George V's household, c.1930, broken box, Excellent £15

9 Universal for Sloan, stationers, c.1935, unused £5

10 De La Rue for Boots the Chemist, Goodall courts and AS, 2 x 32 + jokers, c.1925, damaged box, very good £12

11 Waddington GDW12 double box with pheasant backs based on Barribal's design, no jokers, c.1955, very good £6

12 Kimberley Press courts and aces only, c.1895, Good - Very good, £30

13 Denbro, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, for Carlisle United Football Club, insignia on backs, c.1985, unused £3

14 Müller standard Swiss pattern, 36 cards, advert for Appenzell cheese and drink, no box, c.1990, Exc £3

15 Müller Jass cards, 36, same advert as 14, no box, c.1990, Exc £3

16 De La Rue Slimline cards, printed by Waddington, redrawn Goodall courts, c.1955, good, some grease marks £2

17 USPCC Origins for Rick Davidson, the artist's reinterpretation of the Rouen pattern, 2014, box, Mint £6

19 Carta Mundi, 54 posters from WWII, oversize cards, box, c.1995, Mint £4

20 Carta Mundi, 53 posters from the London Underground from 1911 to 1938, plus one from 1950, 54 oversize cards, box, c.1980, Mint £4

21 Legends PCCo Fishing, different fish on each card, same for each suit, box, unused £5

25 ASS reissue of the Dondorf Centennial pack of 1933, made in 1975, no box, Mint £6

27 Betal child's pack, a few odd court designs, e.g. KC and JD, no joker, box, c.1938 or 1948, unused £5

28 De La Rue for Cosmos, Waddington courts and joker, box, c.1946, unused £6

29 Waddington for Metrovick Cosmos lamps, c.1925, in leather case, G+ £5

30 Harrison Marks Wolf Pack, 52 photos of (mostly) nude women, c.1955, no box, unused £10

31 Angel Card Co Ukiyoe pack, different painting on each card, c.1980, box, Mint £5

32 USPCC Congress, named back "Moonlight", 1922, in wrong slide-in Congress box, VG £3

33 Pepys Shuffled Symphonies, Pears ad. on back of rules, 1939, VG+, tatty box £8

37 De La Rue Cheery Families, 13 x 4 families, c.1910, box, VG+ £6

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