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Collectors' Playing Cards for Sale

I TRY TO PUT REASONABLE PRICES ON WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER; COMPARE THEM WITH eBAY AND OTHER INTERNET SELLERS. If anyone wants to buy a large number (all?!) of these items, I'm happy to consider an offer for bulk purchase. If anyone is interested, please contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

Please note that POSTAGE is EXTRA.

1 Müller patience-size piquet pack with modernized courts, 36 cards, box, c.1990, Exc £4

2 East German version of Dondorf's Rokoko design, double box, c.1970?, VG+ £5

3 De La Rue for Docker Brothers, gold edges, box, 1932-35 (bridge score), Excellent £6

4 Goodall (De La Rue printing) 52 cards, Willow Pattern lacquer backs, c.1925: (a) black, 2 cards creased, VG, £6; (b) red, 1 card creased, VG, £6

5 Hunt (revived firm) bézique pack with H2 courts, an unusual version with 12 pips to the left, but redrawn queens, c.1870, no box, good but rubber band mark on back of KS £32

6 Secondary use: French 4S, c.1780, hand written back for M. Dejean, an advocate in St. Honoré, Paris, very good £12

7 Half a French 3H advertising a Grenoble grocer, Terrier, with a list of what he sells, the front used for calculations and scribbles, c.1790 £4

9 Goodall for Swan Brewery, uncommon early advert, c.1895, no box, good but used £22

12 Goodall tax-wrapped bézique pack with named back: Pekinese by D. Vaughan, c.1930 £8

14 Waddington double box: (i) Barribal Bailarina (Flamenco dancer), (ii) named 'Evening in England'; one pack has two indices, the other four; bright pink bakelite box (sorry, colour completely wrong in scan), broken hinge, c.1930-35, Excellent £10

15 Waddington for Scottish insurance company, c.1935: (a) unused, slight mark on AS, £2; (b) red back, mint in unopened tax-wrapper £5

16 Top: Altenburger Deutsches Bild, Skat pack, box, Mint £2

17 Bottom: Same in patience format, no box £2

18 USPCC Origins for Rick Davidson, the artist's reinterpretation of the Rouen pattern, 2014, box, Mint £6

19 Rule booklets by De La Rue and Goodall: 1869 [£10]; 1920 [£3]; 1917 [£4]; 1904 [£12]; 1922 [£5]; 1908 [£8]

25 ASS reissue of the Dondorf Centennial pack of 1933, made in 1975, no box, Mint £627 Betal child's pack, a few odd court designs, e.g. KC and JD, no joker, box, c.1938 or 1948, unused £5

28 De La Rue for Cosmos, Waddington courts and joker, box, c.1946, unused £6

29 Waddington for Metrovick Cosmos lamps, c.1925, in leather case, G+ £5

30 Harrison Marks Wolf Pack, 52 photos of (mostly) nude women, c.1955, no box, unused £10

31 Angel Card Co Ukiyoe pack, different painting on each card, c.1980, box, Mint £4

33 Pepys Shuffled Symphonies, Pears ad. on back of rules, 1939, VG+, tatty box £6

37 De La Rue Cheery Families, 13 x 4 families, c.1910, box, VG+ £6

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