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Keiblinger Gnav

Cards from an early 'Gnav' game made in Denmark by C.L.Keiblinger, Copenhagen, c.1860. Gnav cards were only used in Denmark and Norway. The game did not maintain popular appeal in Denmark after the 1920s.

Gnav game made by C.L.Keiblinger, Copenhagen c.1860

Above: hand-coloured cards from an early 'Gnav' game with reversible figures, made by C.L.Keiblinger, Copenhagen c.1860. Image courtesy Hans J. Hinrup.

Kort Gnavspil, C. Steen, c.1825-40

The box states "med nye figurer" (with new pictures/figures). Instead of the usual house card, where the manufacturer often shows their factory, Steen has used a well-known castle north of Copenhagen, the "Eremitage-slottet", a royal hunting castle. See the Box

Gnav game published by C. Steen c.1825-40

Above: very nice hand-coloured 'Gnav' game published by C. Steen, a prominent publisher and bookseller, whose address is given as 'on the corner of Pilestraede and Svaertegade', c.1825-40. Image courtesy Stephen Bohrer, extra research by Hans Jørgen Hinrup and Per Kristian Guntvedt.

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