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Goodall & Son’s Patience & Miniature packs

From the late 19th century, until after their take-over by Thomas De la Rue, Charles Goodall and Son produced a number of popular boxed patience and miniature sets (“Patience”, “Railway”, “Tom Thumb” & “Elfin”) with ornamental designs on the backs. The cards were widely produced in two-colour court variations, and less commonly in three-colour court cards, and were often linen grained. In addition, cards were produced in standard and narrow width patience sizes. They also produced miniature versions of “Historic” playing cards, with plain or gilt edges. In keeping with standard packs of the time, patience packs were supplied with a single joker and a spare blank card which could be used to replace a lost or damaged card.

Above: assorted art nouveau and deco back designs from patience or miniature packs.

Above: the less common multi-coloured courts.

Above: the two colour version is more common than the multi-coloured version.

Several boxed patience and miniature sets are listed in Goodall’s trade lists of the 1880s onwards, in leather or Morocco leather cases.

Classic art nouveau patience set c.1905

Above: classic patience set in leather case, c.1905.

multi-coloured miniature patience, c.1905

Above: the less common multi-coloured miniature patience, c.1905.

boxed patience set, c.1920

Above: boxed patience set, c.1920.

After Goodall & Son was taken over by De la Rue in 1921, De la Rue continued to produce patience sets to the Goodall designs with Goodall aces, jokers and courts, but with a modified typeface for the indices. Some sets were also produced for the WD & HO Wills promotion of the early 1930’s

early art deco patience set c.1920

Above: early art deco patience set c.1920.

Above: sets were also produced for the WD & HO Wills scheme of the early 1930s.

Art deco patience set c.1927

Above: Art deco patience set c.1927.


Goodall, Michael H: Chas Goodall & Son: The Family and The Firm 1820-1922, Woking, 2000

Thanks to Matt Probert for additional research and images.

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