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Posted July 03, 2010 | Last Updated June 22, 2013 at 08:54pm

Festal advertising playing cards

manufactured by Litográfica del Perú, S.A. for Hoechst Peruana S.A., c.1970

Above: "Festal" standard Anglo-American style advertising playing cards for Hoechst Peruana S.A. manufactured by Litográfica del Perú, S.A., c.1970. The Ace of Spades is suggestive of a "Bicycle" Ace which was presumably well-respected by Peruvian card players. The reverse shows an advert depicting a negro with a satisfied belly and no indigestion due to the beneficial effects of Festal! Hoechst Pharmaceuticals also produced advertising playing cards in other South American countries, see Naipes INCA by C. Della Penna for Hoechst, Buenos Aires, c.1973.

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