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No.9352 Squeezers by Consolidated-Dougherty, c.1947

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Vintage Standard Cards

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A. Dougherty

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No.9352 Squeezers issued by Consolidated-Dougherty Card Co., Inc. c.1947 and imported into Argentina by Casa Bertrand Domec de Fagoaga y Fernandez. 52 cards in box, no joker. The ace of hearts carries two importation tax stamps: the original orange or light brown 'Mercury' stamp (top) and a red 'Marianne' stamp (below) with the legend 'Naipes Lavados' overstamped at the top (see enlargement). The 'Marianne' version of the tax stamp did not come into general use until c.1953 so some time had elapsed before the cards were refurbished. Furthermore, the cards have been trimmed to renew the edges and the margins can now be seen to be narrower.

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