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Cigarette Cards, Trade Cards, Miniature Playing Cards and other ephemera

Cigarette Cards, Trade Cards,

Miniature Playing Cards and other ephemera.

Playing Cards often feature in the design of items such as cigarette cards, trade cards, score cards, telephone cards and lottery tickets, as well as in advertisements, calendars, cigarette packets, chinaware, brochures, beer mats, key rings, cigar labels, sweet wrappers, post cards, book illustrations, music manuscripts, inside Christmas crackers and so on…. more

Bucktrout & Co Ltd (Guernsey) 1930 Carreras Ltd Thomas De la Rue & Co security stamp, 1950s
Miniature playing cards Mardon Son & Hall, 1933

Peruvian Cigarette Cards

Roldan y Cia, Lima (Peru) c.1890Roldan y Cia, Lima (Peru) c.1890

Above: two cards from 40-card lithographed pack, probably manufactured in Spain for the Peruvian tobacco market, c.1890.

two early 20th century cigarette cards with miniature inset playing cards

Above: miniature Disney Mickey Mouse cards.

Spanish trade cards from razor blade boxes, c.1938

Above: Spanish trade cards from razor blade boxes, c.1938.

Above: Cigarette packet. See more

Roldan y Cia, Lima (Peru) c.1920

Above: miniature playing cards inset into collectable cigarette cards manufactured in Peru, c.1920  more

Wills Flag Cigarettes c.1930

Above: miniature playing cards for W.D. & H.O. Wills' Flag Cigarettes c.1930. Image courtesy Matt Probert.

Above: miniature playing cards inserted into consumer products as a sales incentive and for children to collect  more

Above: Waddingtons playing cards on Bermuda postage stamps commemorating the World Bridge Championship, 1975.

Children’s Card Games with Advertising

Sales incentives - from the collection of Rex Pitts

Whist Score cards

from the collection of Tony Hall

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