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Find out about the History of Poker.

Games & Print Services Limited, of Canvey Island, Essex, are leading producers of playing cards and card games in the UK.

The characteristics of the cards are perfectionism in every aspect of production, since several years' research has gone into producing the highest quality playing cards. The alignment of the images, the court designs, the indexes and even the final varnish have all been subjected to rigorous trial and error before finally being given approval.

Games & Print Services now offer a choice of court designs, as well as different sized indexes or pips. Traditional or Modern English court styles are available, Dutch courts or customised faces, with standard or jumbo index, two or four pips, silver or gold edges as required.

Games and Print Services Modern English courts Games and Print Services Traditional English courts

Above: early Games & Print Services packs, showing small bridge indexes and 'modern' English court (left). Games & Print Services subsequently redesigned the indexes and now have a special typeface for this purpose, (right example), showing traditional courts. The jokers have also been re-drawn without the outer border, and the Ace of Spades has a © symbol because of an attempted copyright infringement.

Kaim Todner, Solicitors

Above: early Games & Print Services advertising pack (1997), for a London-based firm of solicitors. The courts are 'modern' English, as shown above.

Barclaycard/Visa Billing Systems Rivington Corporate Print Limited Axminster Carpets Latibær

Above: a selection of advertising playing cards with standard traditional English courts and jokers as well as non-standard designs.

Games & Print Services also produce a wide range of card games, tarot cards, collector cards and other gaming accessories.

Russell Grant Astrology Club Tarot, 1999 Russell Grant Astrology Club Tarot, 1999 Russell Grant Astrology Club Tarot, 1999 Russell Grant Astrology Club Tarot, 1999

Above: The Fool, The Moon, The Wheel of Fortune and The World from Russell Grant's Astrology Club Tarot, published in 1999.

Nintendo Magazine Battle Cards Monopoly cards

Above: some examples from the extensive range of game cards produced under licence by Games & Print Services. The Monopoly game has Newcastle on Tyne street names.

Cards are printed on duplex, multi-layered playing card board, and come with a smooth, a textured or a linen finish. To visit Games & Print Services' own website, where the Jokers and all the court card designs are shown, click here.

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