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  1. The English Playing Card Society (UK)
  2. Nick Arden Thomas (AU)
  3. The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards (UK)
  4. A Gallery of Standard English Playing Cards (UK)
  5. A List of Playing Cards and Card Games for sale (UK)
  6. L'ACCART - L'Association des Collectionneurs de Cartes et Tarots (F)
  7. Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer (F)
  8. Games et al (UK)
  9. Games & Print Services (UK)
  10. Piatnik (Austria)
  11. Carta Mundi (Belgium)
  12. Make Your Own Playing Cards Online (UK)
  13. Ivory Graphics - playing-card printers (UK)
  14. Kevin Gallagher - Mystifier and Magician (UK)
  15. Paul Gordon - Card Magician & Author (UK)
  16. Oblique Strategies (UK)
  17. (UK)
  18. Intercol (UK)
  19. Playing Cards Only (UK)
  20. My Divination website
  21. The House of Cards
  23. Taxes and Tax Stamps on Playing-cards (Germany)
  24. Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum at Leinfelden (Germany)
  25. Tarot and its History (Germany)
  26. Homepage of Klaus-Juergen Schultz (Germany)
  27. Hearts Playing Cards (Holland)
  28. The Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper (Holland)
  29. Tarot Passages
  30. Aeclectic Tarot (Australia)
  31. Tarot Readings and Dream Interpretations (Iceland)
  32. 52 Plus Joker (USA)
  33. Bicycle Cards for Collectors (USA)
  34. The United States Playing Card Company (USA)
  35. Action Publishers: Politicards (USA)
  36. Gemaco Playing Cards (USA)
  37. Pippoglyph Playing Cards by Ben Crenshaw (USA)
  38. Your Playing Cards - Customised Playing Cards (USA)
  39. Solsuite Solitaire (Italy) ? See also
  40. Naipes Fournier (Spain)
  41. Naipes Reimon (Argentina)
  42. France Cartes (France)
  43. KZWP Trefl-Kraków (Poland)
  44. Baller's Playing Cards (Hungary)
  45. Россiйское карточное общество (Russia)
  46. C.O.P.A.G. (Brasil)
  47. Kuo Kau Paper Products Co. Ltd (Taiwan)
  48. TM Playing Cards
  49. Free Online Poker
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