C. Della Penna & Cía, Bs Aires, c.1930-1978

C. Della Penna S.A. logo from Ace of Hearts

Having commenced sometime in the 1930s as C. Della Penna & Cia, at some stage the company became C. Della Penna S.A.C. e I.  Playing card brand names included "Inca" (Anglo-American and Spanish versions), "Porteño", "Guarany", "Ombú" and "Congreso".

In 1978 the firm was taken over by Massuh S.A., a leading paper-maker, and it still exists today as C. Della Penna San Luis S.A. Under new management, and in response to economic conditions prevailing at that time, playing card production was discontinued. None of the original employees remain with the company, so further information is not currently available.

Naipes Inca c1935

Above: five cards from an early "Naipes Inca" pack, 40 cards, manufactured by C. Della Penna & Cia in c.1935-40. The ace of coins is of Cádiz style, but the courts are Catalan style. Later examples of Naipes Inca (c.1950) have the same ace of coins and simplified court designs as the example shown below.

Naipes Porteño c1945

Above: five cards from a "Naipes Porteño" pack, 40 cards, manufactured by C. Della Penna S.A.C. e I. in c.1950-55. The catalan style designs have been simplified.

Naipes Guarany

Above: back designs from "Naipes Congreso" (1966) and "Naipes Inca" with advertising for Laprida products (c.1970). Special Joker and back design from Naipes Inca advertising pack for Hoechst pharmaceutical products, c.1973.

Taxband from Naipes Congreso, c.1965

Above: 10 pesos tax band which was affixed outside a box of "Naipes Congreso", c.1966.

Thanks to M. Cecilia Lizano for historical information.

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