Naipes Domador by Cía General Fabril Financiera S.A., c.1960

Naipes DOMADOR advert from note booklet, c.1940
Naipes Domador box, c.1960

Naipes DOMADOR Spanish-suited playing cards manufactured by Cía General Fabril Financiera, Buenos Aires.

Naipes Domador was one of Cía Fabril Financiera's leading brands of Spanish-suited playing cards, alongside Naipes Angelito, Payador and Victoria. The design didn't change at all over the years, although the values of the tax band and the tax stamp changed according the law in force at the time. The logo on the four of cups shows a cowboy breaking in a bucking horse beneath the legend "Domador".

Naipes Domador, c.1960

Above: cards from standard edition of Naipes Domador with a plain criss-cross back design, dating from c.1960. The green 'Marianne' tax stamp [c.1955-68] on the four of cups, along with the 50 Centavos brown tax band [Decreto 18,235: in force 1944-1964] around the box, implies a date somewhere between c.1955-1964.

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