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Naipes VICTORIA Spanish-suited playing cards manufactured by Compañía General Fabril Financiera, S.A., Iriarte 2035, Buenos Aires.

Naipes Victoria was Cía Fabril Financiera's leading brand of Spanish-suited playing cards, alongside Naipes Angelito, Domador and Payador. The logo on the four of cups and the box shows a gladiator standing victoriously over a slain lion.

The designs are based on those of Sebastian Comas of Barcelona (Spain) which had been imported into Argentina since the 19th century. The brand was briefly continued by F.X. Schmid (Argentina) S.A. and also by their successors Joker S.A. until around 1980 when it was discontinued, although the same designs are used in cards published today by Joker S.A. and other South American manufacturers.

taxband c.1955

Above: tax band and cards from Naipes Victoria manufactured by Cía General Fabril Financiera S.A., c.1955. The four of cups (top) has a serial number printed in red ink which was discontinued in later editions.

Decks included a quality control card giving the address: Av. Prto. R. Sáenz Peña 938 for complaints and customer service. The design on the back was usually a criss-cross pattern in one or two colours on a white background.

Above: cards from Naipes Victoria c.1960. The design of the cards remained virtually the same since their first introduction in the 1930s. The tax stamp on the four of cups changed according to which law was in force, and the back designs used two colours in later editions when printing technologies had improved.

The outer box also featured the gladiator motif.

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