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Martín Fierro - Naipes Temáticos de Colección


Below: Naipes "Martín Fierro", 48 cards + 2 jokers in attractive presentation box. Anonymous manufacturer, made in Argentina, 2000. Artistically well-conceived design, plastic coated cards, rounded corners.

Each card features a six-line stanza from the epic poem by José Hernandez, accompanied by illustrations of gaucho life and a miniature spanish-suited playing card in the top left-hand corner. The reverse design features mate gourds.

King of Coins Ace of Coins Three of Cups Eight of Cups
King of Batons Four of Cups Reverse Ace of Cups

"Martín Fierro" was created by José Hernandez (1834-1886) in 1872, and today ranks as the highest achievement in Argentinean romantic Gaucho literature and poetry. It has its roots in popular oral poetry, and has become something like a national poem. Hernandez was involved in many spheres of activity during his life, including the newspaper industry, government, education and banking. Several passages of his epic poem are written in the local gaucho dialect: the narrative touches upon issues such as the fight for freedom against adversity and injustice, love for humanity, truth and integrity, all aptly expressed in the drawings and overall slightly sombre presentation.

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