Playing cards manufactured by Joker S.A.

Playing card manufacturer JOKER S.A.I.C., Chorroarín 1068, Villa Ortuzar, Buenos Aires, c.1977-present.

Joker S.A.I.C. was first established in around 1977 as exclusive distributing agents to Cía General Fabril Financiera S.A. at the address Tacauri 127. The earliest logo was a curved outline of the letter 'j' as shown below. Joker S.A. soon became an independent playing-card publisher and took over Cia Fabril Financiera‚Äôs interests.

Sometime around 1983 a new logo was designed, as shown at the top of this page. Perhaps the intention was to appear similar to Cromy who in 1983 entered the card games market in competition to Joker S.A. The business address also changed to Chorroarín 1068.

Joker S.A.I.C. produce a range including children's card games, tarot cards and advertising decks, alongside their standard Spanish-suited and Anglo-American playing cards.

Naipes Victoria, c.1977 Naipes Victoria, c.1979

Above: in c.1977 Joker S.A. became the exclusive distributing agents for playing cards manufactured by  Cía Fabril Financiera, with a new logo based on the letter 'j'. Their address was usually given as Tacauri 127, which was the former address of Bertrand Domec. However, for a short period the address was given on the box as Perú 420, 3er piso, Buenos Aires.

Above: four of cups and the new joker design which was copied from Fournier. The 'Victoria' brand name had been inherited from Cía Gral Fabril Financiera, but was soon dropped. Thereafter the name 'Joker' was used instead. The address on the four of cups is Tacauri 127 but this changed to Chorroarín 1068 in the early 1980s. (Click images to see more).

details 'Heraldo' c.1977 Naipes Victoria, c.1977 Naipes Victoria, c.1982 Naipes Victoria, c.1980
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