Portuguese Type Playing Cards made in Belgium, c.1878

Later Portuguese Type - made in Belgium for export to Brazil

Ace of swords King of swords 8 of swords Cavalier of clubs Cavalier of coins
2 of coins Cavalier of swords 6 of cups with royal crown Maid of cups King of cups
Maid of coins with small chest 4 of coins 2 of clubs Maid of clubs Ace of clubs

Above: 15 cards from later Portuguese type pack with 'dragon' aces, made in Belgium by LĂ©onard Biermans, Turnhout, c.1878. There is a Brazilian Real Fabrica insignia on the wrapper. 48 cards, size: 81 x 59 mm; lithographed. The dog has disappeared from the Maid of clubs but the Maid of coins holds a small chest as in earlier types. Click here to see more.

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