Dilkhus playing cards for India

Manufactured by A. Van Genechten (Turnhout, Belgium)

Dilkhus playing cards were manufactured for Kamala Soap Factory (Calcutta, India) by Etablissement A. Van Genechten S.A. (Turnhout, Belgium) in 1922. The courts depict dignified three-quarter height portraits with extra decorative motifs suggestive of Indian culture. Van Genechten was one of the most competent cardmakers in Turnhout and they produced almost every kind of foreign pack for clients all around the world. Overseas markets included East Asia, Australia, India, North Africa, South America and, of course, Europe. Their cards were familiar to the fingers of players in far-off places!

'Dilkhus' playing cards manufactured by Van Genechten, Belgium, 1922 'Dilkhus' playing cards manufactured by A. Van Genechten, Belgium, 1922

Above & Right: 'Dilkhus' playing cards manufactured by Etablissement Van Genechten, Belgium, 1922. Several alternative back designs and colours are known. Images courtesy Barney Townshend.

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