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Creative Cards by DigitalAbstracts

For this pack a different designer collaborated for each individual card, resulting in a diverse and unique deck. Some of the artwork is quite stunning and beautiful, you can see the full pack on the Creative Cards website.

Background Information & Inspiration

We are DigitalAbstracts, the team of collectors and tellers of digital creative art since 2000. On DigitalAbstracts we feature various digital artists both young and mature. Once we've decided to launch the project, that can put together a whole pack of talented digital creatives under one roof. That's how Creative Cards was born.

King of Clubs by James White.

Two of Clubs by Timba Smiths.

Five of Diamonds by Evgeny Kiselev.

Nine of Hearts by Hello Monday.

Nine of Spades by KDLIG.

King of Diamonds by Olly Howe.

Jack of Hearts by Jonathan Wong.

The Joker by Kenny Lindström.

View the entire project on the Creative Cards website.
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