Grimm's Forest Playing Cards by Lisa Schneller

A non-standard pack created to play an original board game; inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, such as Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.

Lisa has more images from the game and other illustrations from her portfolio on her website.

Background Information & Inspiration

Grimm's Forest is an original board game I created for my packaging design class. The world has been fascinated with stories from the Brothers Grimm for centuries. Despite the frequent violence in these tales, their purpose was to teach children lessons of morality. Using elements and characters from the Brothers Grimm, this game sends players on an adventure that will test their strength and purity of heart. I hand drew nearly every aspect of this game, from the game box to the 40+ playing cards to the game pieces.

My ultimate goal was to create a game that appears to be sweet. But by playing the game and drawing various cards, players will discover the dark undertones that were present in the Grimm's stories.

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