OCCO Game of Tarot by Scott Hill

Scott Hill has been working on a tarot pack which can also be used to play card games, the pack has been designed to revive tarot and make it a fun and social interaction.

Background Information & Inspiration

T While visiting Italy, I bought my first italian Tarot deck. The cards were fascinating and I was hooked! I looked into the history of Tarocchi as playing cards and discovered that Tarot, Tarok, Tarocco and many other regional tarot games were wildly popular across Europe for centuries before the Tarot became associated with fortune-telling. The original tarot was based on trick-taking, using the Tarot as a Trump suit, in a game that bears similarity to the modern game of whist with a fifth trump suit. OCCO revives the tradition of Tarot as gaming cards, while adding an element of fortunetelling to the gameplay!

Scott is raising money for his project on Kickstarter, view more details and images on the project page.

Last Updated January 04, 2016 at 05:25pm


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