Tinker Deck by Tesh of Project Khopesh

The Tinker Deck is a pack inspired by Steampunk, a world where old machinery is infused with modern science.

The cards are full-bleed, full color art, designed and polished from the ground up. The court/face cards are steampunk-flavored stylized portraits of important historical figures of the Industrial Revolution era, or those who have served as similar inspiration, like Rube Goldberg and Ada Lovelace.

The creation of the pack is being funded on Kickstarter, view the project page for addtional info and images.

Additionally, Tesh has also designed a second sister pack to go alongside the Tinker Deck titled the Rusty Tinker Deck.

The Rusty Tinker has a antique and worn-out feel to its designs.

Last Updated January 04, 2016 at 05:26pm


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