Decked Out - Fashion Playing Cards by Connie Lim

Connie Lim has created a beautifully illustrated set of fashion inspired playing cards which she is funding through a Kickstarter campaign.

Background Information & Inspiration

The deck is primarily art-focused. Although functional, the cards are still mainly a vehicle to convey the illustrations. Each illustration is based purely on my thoughts and feelings towards the suits and numbers. They are a personal reflection of my journey at the time of illustrating them, and I hope they can speak to you in some way as you are on yours.
My goal with this project is to create a beautiful deck of cards that is at once intensely personal and an accessible, shareable story. Each individual card is a different drawing that I created reflecting a time and period on my journey. The artwork is meant to be held, studied, exchanged and played with. Some say that a piece of art isn’t made real until it is put out into the world -- this work is a tangible telling of my story, intimately realized in the palm of your hand. The custom case will be a sleek, anodized, matte black metal specially designed for this deck.

You can see more of the cards on her Behance project page and many more of her illustrations on her Instagram profile and Behance portfolio.

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