Different Playing Cards by Teach By Magic

This pack created by Brian Daniel South, director of Teach by Magic, has a unique concept where instead of the usual ace of spades the card is a "spade of aces"; meaning that the spade is made up of aces using a typographic and illustrative style.

Each card has been individually designed, containing hidden symbols and interesting typographical flourishes.

Background Information & Inspiration

I have been developing this deck for nearly 8 years. I worked with several artists until about a year ago when I found Nike, an artist from Florida, who could finally bring what I have seen in my mind all these years to life. For the last ten months we have worked closely together deciding what would go into each and every card.
Every dot, every swirl, every language, and every hidden item was placed where it was placed with thought and purpose.
The more you look at a card and the more you look for hidden elements, the more you will find - things like ambigrams and words sharing letters, like the "T" in one word making an "X" in another.
There are over 100 different languages and numeric systems represented in this deck, plus there is symbolism and imagery in each card as well (an ant on a queen, or a toy jack on a jack, or an 8 ball on an 8, and so on). There are some really fun things in subjects ranging from science and math, to history and mythology.

Brian is funding the pack through a Kickstarter campaign, visit the campaign page for more images and details.

Brian has also revealed to me something special for the readers of the World of Playing Cards, the $37 Hope Sticker pledge is actually a secret backer level, those who pledge the $37 don't only get just a sticker but they will be sent two of every deck the project produces! This means potentially four or six packs if some of the higher stretch goals are met.

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