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Magic Tricks

The World of Playing Cards is looking to expand its content by adding a new card trick database, we have an existing Conjuring and Magic article but we feel this can be expanded become something more useful.

Our aim for this new section of the website is to help educate a wider audience from the basics of simple tricks that anyone can try to more advanced and impressive tricks.

We're aware that there is some secrecy surrounding magic and the techniques behind the tricks. Our intention is not to expose trade secrets and get some sort of backlash from the magic community, but rather create something to help bring a wider awareness to card tricks; something which can be fun and entertaining.

Any contributors would work closely with us to produce an educational as well as entertaining article. The magician would be expected to provide any technical details as well as images or videos if possible.

Contributors would be fully credited with an "About the Magician" box which includes a photo, bio, and link back to their website. Or if a contributing magician has a book published or their own special pack produced we would be happy to promote their products alongside the tricks they contribute to the site.

If you have some feedback or ideas, would like more information or to contribute towards this new section send us a message via our contact page.

Last Updated January 03, 2016 at 02:50pm
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