Meeple Playing Cards by Geek Dynasty

Many board games, with Carcassonne probably being the most famous, use "meeple" as a counter or pawn-like piece in the game. The pack is not an art-centered deck, it’s more about the collision of two of cards and board games.

Background Information & Inspiration

We didn’t make this deck to appeal to playing card collectors even though we both love what is being done in the medium. Instead, we made this deck primarily to appeal to people who share our passion for board games and who also like playing cards. We expect these cards to be used in game-play by the purchaser, as opposed to static collecting or magic.
For the design, we chose the iconic shape of the “meeple.” If you don’t know what the meeple is, it’s basically a wooden game piece that is used in lots of board games sometimes with slight variations – like wearing a hat or wearing a dress. It’s sort of the European version of a “pawn.”
Because the meeple is so simple in form, we wanted to keep the imagery in the deck iconographic and clean. Since I expect this deck to be used to play games (by most purchasers), it needs to be uncluttered and easy to read at a glance both close up and from across the table. It also needs to be very meeple-ee while capturing the traditions of playing cards. After tons of tinkering, this is what we ended up with.

Luke Peterschmidt and Jordan Martin, also known as Geek Dynasty are funding the creation of their pack with a Kickstarter campaign, visit the campaign page for more information.

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