Seven Seas Playing Cards by Brain Vessel Creative

Brain Vessel Studios is proud to release their first deck of playing cards. Illustrated by Jason Kreiger in collaboration with Douglas Koozer and written content by Matthew Fishgold.

The Seven Seas deck of custom playing cards is a nautical themed deck with striking hand drawn images of pirates, ghost ships, sea creatures and many other beautiful images of life on the high seas. The deck itself weaves quite the tapestry of adventure with the “Red” deck, hearts and diamonds, focusing on explorers, pirates and the ships they sailed with the courts consisting of historical figures of the time. The “Dark” side of the deck, clubs and spades, delves into the dangers at sea and the superstitions that sailors often took to their watery graves in Davey Jones’ locker. The dark side is laced with images of superstition and sea creatures. The two halves of Seven Seas come’s together in one amazing visual representation of life at sea.

Brain Vessel Studios are funding the creation of their pack through a Kickstarter campaign, view the campaign page for all the details and images; or you can follow the project's progress on their Facebook page.

Last Updated January 04, 2016 at 05:05pm


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