Surena: The Persian Playing Cards by Diba Salimi

Diba Salimi has created a hand illustrated pack inspired by Persian ancient history, art and Persian rugs.

Background Information & Inspiration

First, historic records of Persian legends. I've researched etchings, archaeological images, remaining statues, books and stories of these people to picture their appearances.
Second, Iran’s most precious form of art: Persian rugs. When I was a child my lovely grandmother sat me by her rug frame (called “daar”) and taught me how to weave a rug and read patterns. I've been bewitched by that art since.
Third, my love and passion for this inherited art and history. It excites me to finally find my original style of drawing. I constantly seek opportunities to make this art accessible through my designs.

Each suit is marked by a Tazhib element which is also used in Persian rug patterns. Each of them depicts a unique time in Persian History.

Diba is funding the creation of the pack with a Kickstarter campaign, visit the campaign page for more details and images.

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