The Simpsons Playing Cards by Blackout Brother

These cards were created for a Threadless t-shirt competition for the 25th anniversary of Simpsons, the cards unfortunately didn't win the competition. Charles says

"Suddenly I got an ideas of combining playing card with the simpsons family. I thought that the Jack, Queen, and King can represent Simpsons as a family. So, Homer will be the king, Marge will be the Queen and she holding Maggie. Lisa and Bart will be the Jack.For the card's icon, I changed it into Doughnut because its Homer's favorite food."

Charles AP a.k.a Blackout Brother is a full-time illustration freelancer specializing in dark art and realism based in Indonesia, you can view more of his artwork on his website.

Last Updated August 05, 2015 at 02:05pm


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