Glitch Playing Cards by Soleil Zumbrunn

Glitch Playing Cards are designed by a Swiss designer, Soleil Zumbrunn. She likes to question things that seem the most mundane, playing with reality and just looking at things through another perspective. Glitch art is the aesthetic of digital or analog errors. It was recommended by her own brother that she should use it in her piece of work.

She began to create her cards by chopping a deck of cards and rearranging them which later on gave her idea of how much/how little the distortion or glitch should be applied. The classic deck of cards has been chosen to be used, then she created a new deck with Illustrator to glitch them. She mentioned that “It might seem weird using a program like After Effects to do something like cards - but it works well for glitch as you can slide the RGB layers around”. The overall outcome it appeared that her deck of cards was created and looked just like it got printing error or the movie with 3D effect without 3D glasses.

You can buy the pack here, and also find more info and images on the original Kickstarter campaign page.

Last Updated January 04, 2016 at 04:47pm


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