Chance Playing Cards by Catalyst UK


King of Diamonds by City of Portsmouth Boys School Queen of Clubs by City of Portsmouth Girls School Ace of Spades by Jenni Catlow 3 of Hearts by Jenni Catlow
Jack of Clubs by Midhurst Grammar School Jack of Spades by Midhurst Grammar School 10 of Hearts by Lindsey Green Ace of Clubs by Gillian Hawkins

CHANCE Playing Cards are produced by Catalyst, an open group of women artists and scientists founded in 1995 in Portsmouth UK. The group explores the relationship between art and science and the effects on daily life.

Each card features artwork by a different artist, including Jenni Catlow, Gillian Hawkins and pupils from City of Portsmouth Boys School and City of Portsmouth Girls School. Packs are available at £9.95 plus p&p direct from Jenni Catlow, 3 Albert Road, Southsea, England PO5 2SE tel: +44 (0)23 92733363. Visa or Mastercard accepted.

Joker by Jan O'Highway Joker by Polly Blythin

Chance Playing Cards © 1998 Catalyst UK.

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