Collecting Playing Cards with Jan Walls

Above: some cards from my childhood - click to zoom.

Above: some of my collection today. I have a room full and more - click to zoom.

I collected playing cards when I was in primary school. I remember when I got my pocket money every Friday I would run to G J Coles store in Ashburton and buy cards for my collection. Then, what happens with a lot of young girls, my focus on life changed, and my interest in playing card collecting waned for many years, through my teens, early work life, marriage and children.

In the early 1980s with my family growing up and developing their own interests, I began to feel the need to develop an activity that I could immerse myself in. One day when cleaning out one of my cupboards I came across a small shoe box with my childhood cards from primary school, and that box has now turned into a room full, well, several rooms.

I enjoy sharing my collection and knowledge with all collectors. With Peg Black and Barb Lunaburg in the USA I help compile catalogues via email for the use of playing card collectors. Each catalogue takes one year or thereabouts to complete.

My singles playing card collection consists of many categories from Antique Square corners to Disney, Railroad, Shipping, Jokers, Worshipfuls and many more.

Antique Square Cornered Singles


The kid in me still likes Disney cards.


Above: assorted jokers.

Australian Collection

The pride of my collection is my Australian collection - it is the history of Australian produced cards. I collect them by manufacturers, most of which no longer exist.

Hudson Industries

Hudson Industries

See more by Hudson Industries

Sands & McDougall

Sands & McDougall

See more by Sands & McDougall



Above: very old Australian patterns from one of my albums. See more by Spicers



Above: advertising cards. See more by Reeds

Porcelain & China

I also like collect china with themes relating to playing cards and porcelain playing card boxes that have a double deck to match the design on the boxes.

Above: some of my china.

I am forever working on my collection and searching ebay for new cards for my collection and looking on the internet to help me identify the manufacturer, history, age, artist, etc. as I like to learn more about the cards I collect.

I love all cards.

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