Offically Licensed Firefly Playing Cards by Ben Mund

QMx teamed up with renowned "Browncoat" artist Ben Mund (of Serenity Blueprints and Atlas of the Verse fame) and Bicycle to create the first-ever officially licensed Firefly Playing Cards. The deck consists of the standard four suits of 13 cards each plus two jokers, and features designs that are anything but standard.

This pack is a quasi "in-Universe" tribute to the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity. The pack has no specific character portraits but the fans of the TV show will be delighted to find iconic things like pre- and post-war browncoats for kings, a companion taking a sponge bath for a queen and guns for jacks. Then they're loaded up with little bits and pieces on the cards; notes, stains, stickers from the 'Verse, etc. They're "quasi in-universe" because things like Jayne's hat as the joker or Kaylee's parasol for the red queens are pretty specific.

Instead of the typical "ad" cards in a deck, we included two reproduction "Tall Card" IOUs. These are intended for fans to use for autograph collection if they choose. Also another hidden feature is that if you put some of the cards together just right the stains form an image of Serenity.

The pack is available for sale through QMX Online shop, priced at $9.95.

Last Updated January 04, 2016 at 04:39pm


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