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Grace Cards Scripture Playing Cards

Designed and handmade by Caroline Kent.

"My interest in playing cards stems mainly from seeing how useful they can be in the educational field. Kids love to handle cards and will spend time collecting and swapping them so why not make cards with real value rather than just commercial value for the manufacturer?"

"I started producing collecting cards for the children's club I run at church. They were busy collecting monster type cards at the time but soon they stopped bringing these from home and focused on collecting the cards I was making"


The cards are durable, attractive, instructive and able to be used for a variety of games. Modelled on traditional playing cards, in terms of suits and numbering, opened up the number of possible games considerably. Packs come complete with suggested instructions for playing a number of popular family games, such as Snap, Happy Families, Matching Pairs, all of which which enhance memory skills, problem solving skills, strategy and team playing. At the same time, they promote the Word of God.

Each handmade pack has 52 beautiful full colour playing cards, plus two extra blank cards in a tuck box with instructions.
Retail price = £8.99

Available direct from Caroline Kent.

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