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"History of the War" playing cards designed by the Argentinean cartoonist Lino Palacio (1903-1984) who was the author of unforgettable characters like Ramona, Don Fulgencio, Doña Tremebunda, Agapito and his shadow, Cicuta and many others.

In 1940 a Buenos Aires newspaper commissioned his personal version of events of World War II. This resulted in 800 drawings distributed in four volumes under the pseudonym 'flax'. These playing cards feature the best of the first 200 cartoons published in 1942… each of the four suits represents a different actor of WWII; Clubs: Sir Winston Churchill, Spades: Adolf Hitler, Hearts: Joseph Stalin, Diamonds: Benito Mussolini, 2 Jokers: Franklin Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler.

52 cards + 2 jokers in sturdy tuck-box, shrink wrapped. Limited edition of 5000 decks.

Sample cards courtesy Juan Fontenla.

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