The Five Minute Handwriting Analysis Kit

Handwriting Insights
Handwriting Insights - the 5 minute handwriting analysis kit - allows you to better understand people, including yourself, by looking at the way they write. 64 sturdy, laminated cards portray various characteristics such as size, slant, simplicity and (see below) zone emphasis, and you simply pick the cards that apply to your own handwriting, and read about your personality on the cards…

Basic Concepts :

In school we are all taught to write the same way. How we choose to vary our handwriting is a result of our individual and unique personalities.

No single indicator totally defines a person. The interpretations of all the indicators must be considered together.

Whereas handwriting represents how a person feels privately, the signature represents the public image, how the writer behaves with others.


Idealistic, proud, abstract thinking, ambitious, may have illusions (especially if over elaborated in upper zone)

In Graphology, handwriting is allocated THREE zones, namely the Upper Zone, the Middle Zone and the Lower Zone. It was Max Pulver who originally recognised this threefold division and applied it to handwriting analysis, and it has an aesthetic appeal as well as a practical symbolic meaning.

A handwriting in which the zones are balanced indicates a positive inner focus and equilibrium between different goals and interests. The more emphasis placed upon a particular zone, then a correspondingly greater amount of energy will be invested in that area of the writer's life.

Interactions with people are important, strong emotional feelings, here and now person, needs quick rewards

Melinda Kohn's Handwriting Insights kit is presented as a slide deck and an Individual Insights report pad. The slide deck consists of 64 cards bound together with a single button, so that they can be fanned out without getting mixed up. The deck is organised into eleven sets of handwriting indicators which provide a simple selection.

Designed as an easy and fun way to better understand people through their handwriting, and as an easy introduction to handwriting analysis, the authors do not make any further claims, except that the cards are "accurate".

Has creative energy, needs activity and material rewards, may be dramatic and use bluff and fantasy (if over-sized loops in lower zone)

Handwriting Insights was created with the assistance of handwriting expert Paula A. Sassi and graphic artist John Thies. It is the result of Melinda's search for a simple, easy method that would allow anyone to experience the intrigue of handwriting analysis.

Handwriting Insights is published by Hidden Creek Farm and retails at $19.95.

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Handwriting Insights

Published by: Hidden Creek Farm, Inc.
Author: Melinda Kohn
ISBN 0-9664151-0-8

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