New Year and a New Homepage

Today we're launching a new homepage layout. With this new layout we wanted to emphasise our latest articles, which now have more attention, each article summary now includes some useful info and keywords, so you can easy click and go straight to any article's country of origin or keywords page. Previously our homepage had what we called "section rows", but we found these were messy and cluttered up the page. You can still access all of our sections from the main top menu, and from the list in the sidebar.

We have also reserved an area of the homepage sidebar for a new sponsorship and advertising zone, this is a premium location on our site. Advertisers can go to our advertising info page for all the details.

You can now also promote your Kickstarter playing-card projects on our blog, this has been highlighted on the new homepage sidebar too.

Today we have over 2,000 articles on WoPC. Our archives page shows a six month snapshot of updates and you can search for any playing-card-related keywords in the search box in the top-right corner.

We hope you continue to enjoy visiting the World of Playing Cards in 2016, we'll be making continuous improvements to the website throughout the year. If you have any feedback or comments on the new homepage layout please send us a note via our feedback page.

You can also see some more screenshots of our homepage in our 2014 new year blog post.

Here's the old and new homepage for comparison:

New Homepage

Old Homepage


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