27: Cards at Strangers’ Hall, Norwich

There is a very interesting collection of playing cards held at the Strangers’ Hall Museum in Norwich. Paul Bostock and I have written an article about the collection, which appeared in a recent issue of The Playing Card (41/4). Since there wasn't enough room to illustrate all the packs in the journal, I'll put up a number of further scans of items from the collection. All the catalogue numbers are prefixed with NWHCM.

Above: 1950.179.5.1 Hall & Son, c.1820

Above: 1967.3.4 Maior, c.1810

Above: 1979.412.1 Reynolds, 1870s

Above: 1950.179.3.1 Gibert, 1858, European Royalty

Above: 1967.762.2 Probably German. Derived from the earlier Paris pattern; note that the JD is made from a duplicate JH. The writing says: Nave diments!

Above: 1967.762.1 Süsz & Kunz, c.1790. Another version of the Paris pattern; the tax stamp is Scandinavian.

Above: One of a number of Gatteaux designs, this one with pale turquoise rather than blue

Above: 1933.154 Hand-painted pack, c.1820; how about the cross-eyed KC?!

Above: 1941.99.1 J. Sabatas Spanish pack, dated 1853

Above: 1944.42.1 Jehan Volay, South West France, c.1700

Above: 1968.979 Hand-made transformation pack, c.1875, using De La Rue standard. Said to have been drawn by Minna Watson, a member of the Bolingbroke family, who at one time owned Strangers’ Hall.

Above: 1956.191 Lenthall’s Arithmetical pack, c.1707-11 (incomplete)

Above: 1968.39 ?Baragioli Portuguese dragon pack, c.1750 (incomplete)

Above: 1944.42.3 Willis Deakin's Political pack, c.1881

Above: 1968.1005.1 Goodall standard English, c.1863-65

Above: 1965.563.1 Anonymous Spanish pack, c.1850s

The Museum is well worth a visit. For access to the cards, contact Strangers’ Hall (01603 767138) in advance.

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