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Collectors’ Playing Cards for Sale

I TRY TO PUT REASONABLE PRICES ON WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER; COMPARE THEM WITH eBAY AND OTHER INTERNET SELLERS. I change the items from time to time and remove some of the unsold ones; if you saw something on an earlier list and it's no longer there, it might be worth asking whether I still have it. For purchases, please contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

Please note that POSTAGE is EXTRA.

1 KZWP, Poland, copy of Dondorf Rhineland pattern, unusual joker, no box, 1976, used but Good+ £8

2 Goodall/De La Rue for Veltex cake mix, no box, small cross on each back (owner identification?), c.1928, good £6

3 Legends PCCo Serpentine, reprint of original Standard PC courts from the 1890s, plain AS, decorative AD, 2014, unopened £6

4 China for Cheatwell Games, Perishing Pirates, pictures and text the same in each suit, two rule cards, 2011, slide-in, upright box, very slight damage to one corner, otherwise almost mint £3

5 Carta Mundi for Grant's Whisky, 52 different adverts with two explanation cards giving dates and two jokers, box with sloping flaps originally attached to a box or bottle, back advert for Grant's, c.1988, Mint £3

6 Waddington for Double Two shirts: 2 double boxes, one excellent and very good; the other well used, no jokers, c.1955-60 £5

7 De La Rue D7 courts with decorative backs; two packs with different coloured backs, c.1910, no box, good, some creases £3 each

9 Piatnik Railway Art, 52 posters featuring railways, one joker of a famous Paris train crash, one the key card, box, 2015, Mint £5

10 China, cards shaped like an Easter chick, fold-over box with magnetic fastener, c.2010, mint £2

11 Carta Mundi for Greene King beers, box, c.2015, Mint £3

12 Masenghini Piacentine pattern, box, c.2000, Mint £2

13 Waddington for Wills' Castella cigars, W5.6 courts (identified from card stuck on outer box), 4 unopened boxes in original outer box, as sent to shops, three red, three blue, c.1963 £2 per pack or £7 the lot

14 Obchodni Tiskarny Karty (OTK), Prague, Casino 240, 54 cards, remains of box, c.1955, very good+ £2

15 Wild & Wolf Gentlemen's Hardware Camping Games, six back dice, score pad, pencil and a non-standard pack of cards in a tin box; back cards have black faces and red ones have white faces, one joker each colour, 2018, Mint (opened for scanning) £10

16 Stancraft Liberty with unusual copy of USPCC courts with turned JS, double box for conjuring comprising one ordinary pack and one of double-sided cards, blanks, part cards, a joker with a small 3C on the back (illustrated), box, c.1975, Excellent £10

17 American reproduction of Kirk's Aesop's Fables pack of 1757, engraved pictures on each card with miniature playing card top left, with repro export wrapper pasted onto a handmade box, c.1980, unused £15

18 Harry Margary, reproduction of Morden's map cards of 1676, each county map on a card with an introductory card and an explanation card; 'facsimile' on each card, box, 1972, unused £15

19 Rule booklets by De La Rue and Goodall: 1869 [£8]; 1920 [£3]; 1917 [£4]; 1904 [£12]; 1922 [£3]; 1908 [£5]

20 Brepols, 7 sample cards of their unusual T3 design, which is specific to Turnhout, 1870s, have been glued on the backs, otherwise Excellent £12

21 China for Fantasma Toys, New York, magic cards that can be read from the backs, one joker (they were not intended for play!), 2004, box and instructions, excellent, slight crease on joker £4

22 Waddington Siriol Clarry, courts of each suit represent the four elements: fire, earth, air and water, slip-in box, c.1962, Excellent £10

27 Betal child's pack, a few odd court designs, e.g. KC and JD, no joker, box, c.1938 or 1948, unused £5

28 Carreras Happy Families, cigarette insert cards, 1925, Mr Pipe the Plumber (35) missing, VG, a few creases £8

33 Pepys Shuffled Symphonies, Pears ad. on back of rules, 1939, VG+, tatty box £5

37 De La Rue Cheery Families, 13 x 4 families, c.1910, box, VG+ £5

38 Chad Valley Zoo-Zoo, unusual early game with photocopy rules, no box, 1920s, well used £5

39 Chinese reproduction of De La Rue/Gibson's Noah's Ark for Russimco, box, 2008, mint £5

41 Carta Mundi for Disney, each court has a different image of Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, each ace Donald Duck and the jokers are Pluto, double box, c.2000, Mint, one pack unopened £8

42 Carta Mundi for US Games Systems African Art, 55 cards, explanatory booklet, box, 1994, Mint £12

43 Russian Politex, 36 cards, cartoons of politicians on each card: AH = Boris Yeltsin; 6D = John Major, box, 1997, Mint £12

44 China for Burger King, Magic Tricks for children, box, c.1990, VG+ £5

45 Öberg/Esselte standard Swedish pattern for Bridon, c.1990, box, Mint £3

47 Politicards, 54 political cartoons, each suit represents a faction of the Republicans or the Democrats, 1971, matchbox-style box, Excellent £8

48 Bielefelder Flowers quartet game, 9 sets of 4 flowers arranged by habitat, box, c.1960, Excellent £12

49 Otto Maier, Ravensburg, Flowers quartet game, 10 set of 4 flowers arranged by habitat, box, c.1935, Excellent £15

50 ASS Schafkopf Tarock, Bavarian pattern, c.1970, box, Mint £3

51 Schmid Bavarian pattern, note different orientation of the Unter of bells, cracked plastic box, c.1995, excellent £3

52 Düsseldorfer Berlin pattern Skat with redrawn courts and Brepols joker for Agio cigarillos, box, c.1980, Mint £3

53 China for Spear's Games, children's pack, all indices in black, courts all different, wide, box, c.2010, mint £3

54 Carta Mundi for Banner computer accessories, unusual suit signs (mouse, floppy disk, component, CD), heads only on courts, box, 1995, Mint. £5

55 Fournier repro of first pack by the firm of 1868, c.1990, box, Mint £5

56 Pomegranate double box with non-standard courts and back designs by C.F.A. Voysey of the English Arts & Crafts movement, c.2010, Mint, one pack unopened £10

57 As 56 but with back designs based on wallpaper by Walter Crane, an English designer of the mid to late 19th century, double box, c.2000, Mint, one pack unopened £10

58 Anonymous for Morocco, 40 cards, Mint £3

59 Alf Cooke double box, c.1952, in box for B.I. Callender's cables (not clear if it's the original box for these cards), excellent £8

60 Simon/Grimaud repro of Les Cris de Paris (1830s), pictures on courts and aces, plus two jokers, plastic box (not original), c.1975, mint £4

61 NEGSA for Ediciones Amaika, 48 sporting cartoons + 2 jokers, damaged plastic box, 1975, Mint £12

62 East German Bowling Skat, 32 tenpin bowling cartoons, French and German suit signs, plastic box, c.1980, Mint £10

63 Hungarian souvenir, courts the same for each suit, box, c.2005, Mint £5

64 Protea for the South African Railway Museum, a different locomotive on each card, joker, box, c.1980, Excellent £5

65 Anonymous French for Butagaz, bear logo on each card, plastic box, c.1985, Mint £10

66 Fournier reprint of a Russian historical costume pack, damaged box, c.1990, Mint £6

67 Russian version of the same pack entitled "Russian", box, 1982, Mint £5

68 Goodall Belgian standard, probably old stock released by Waddington because of paper shortages during WWII, no indices, gold corners, handmade box, c.1942, Mint £18

69 ASS Skat for Techniker-Krankenkasse, health-related cartoons for each court, odd pip arrangements on number cards, cracked plastic box, c.1980, good with some creasing £8

70 ASS Skat Politisch, political cartoons on each card except for the eights, the tens show the failing Deutschmark (!), all the politicians are men (!), plastic box, c.1980, mint £8

71 Ormond/Waddington for Aer Lingus, uncommon version of the courts (W3.1), small flags added to AS, damaged box, c.1938, Excellent £8

72 Waddington for Oranjeboom, unusual shaped cards, last version of courts (W6), c.1970, box, Excellent £5

73 East German Coeur Deutsches Bild Skat, box, c.1980, Mint £3

75 Van Genechten 12 courts, copies of De La Rue D4.1, samples in a tatty Great Mogul wrapper, c.1880, Excellent £15

76 Brepols Belgian standard for Sandeman port, gold corners, in plastic box (not original), c.1948, Excellent £8

78 Clemente Jacques El Fenix, design introduced in 1924, handmade box, c.1960, Excellent £6

80 Anonymous repro of Industrie Comptoir mining pack, 32 cards, plastic box, Mint £6

81 ASS Salon-Karte Saxon pattern, Cornflower backs, tax stamp on AH, slightly damaged box, c.1931, VG, two small tears £8

84 Zzota (GB) M Pack, strange futuristic version of a pack of cards, courts different each end, unusual pip arrangements and colours, 56 cards + 3 explanatory cards, plastic box, 1999, Mint £8

86 Bielefelder Berlin pattern Skat with joker, advert for a butcher on the reverse, box, c.1965, Excellent £4

87 Dondorf Rokoko patience, square corners, no indices, no box, c.1890, VG, a little grubby £6

88 East German for Baukema, building tools and machinery, unusual pip arrangements, plastic box, c.1985 Mint £8

89 East German German-suited Skat pack celebrating Leipzig in the Baroque period, plastic box, c.1980, Mint £8

90 Waddington for Disney, non-standard courts, aces and jokers, box, 1993, Mint £5

92 De La Rue Calypso pack in opened tax wrapper, Goodall courts, 54 cards, part of a four-pack set for the new game invented c.1955 (often found by Waddington with their courts), box, Mint £3

93 Wills 200th anniversary double box with English monarchs on most cards, aces with adverts, one pack on gold, one on silver, special box (discoloured), one gold card slightly creased, otherwise excellent, 1986 £12

94 Hong Kong Showgirl, 54 photos of nude women, box, c.1980, Excellent £8

95 Waddington for Wiggins Teape, same courts for each suit in different colours, special aces, unusual pips, c.1969, single pack in double box, Mint £15

96 ASS Berlin pattern Skat, damaged box, no tax stamp, 1932? Good £5

97 Octogo 20 cards only (A-10 x4) to go with a board game, non-standard mediaeval courts, no box, c.1998, Mint £8

98 Russia Palekh artists pack, entitled Jubilee, all cards with black background, box, 1977, Excellent £18

102 Düsseldorfer Berlin pattern with English indices and Brepols joker for Ayingerbräu lager, 54 cards, box, c.1995, Mint £4

103 China for Robert Frederick, unusual copy of Goodall's prewar courts with the initials 'RF' on each court, odd pip arrangement on the nines, AS copy of Waddington's, one joker, 2000, no box, Mint £6

104 Biermans Quadrillato, Belgian pattern, wrapper, in handmade box, c.1970, Mint £6

105a East German Saxon pattern with cornflower back design, celebrating 1,000 years of Altenburg, 1976, plastic box, Mint £4

105b, same but different back design, plastic box, Mint £4

106 Workman Publishing children's pack, oversize, each suit has a different background colour, ink over-run on five cards indicating careless printing, box, 2007, excellent £5

107 Possibly Waddington for Gordon's Gin, all courts different, kings hold gin & tonic glasses, queens swizzle sticks, diamonds are ice cubes, no jokers, c.1990, mint £8

108 De La Rue, D6 courts, smallest indices, aces = 1, hand-made box, c.1885, good+ £5

109 Goodall bézique set, c.1910, pipe-themed backs, tatty box, used markers, good £6

110 De La Rue D6 courts, plain faces, 32 cards, Jones back design, c.1872, good £6

111 Goodall G4.2 courts, plain faces, 2 x 32 cards in tatty box, c.1877, good £12

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