Miniature Playing Cards

Miniature playing cards come in all shapes and sizes from all around the world. Most major manufacturers produce several miniature or patience-sized packs as there is always a demand for these from travellers or patience players. In addition, many minor manufacturers produce one-off miniature packs, sometimes very beautitul but often of low grade. Furthermore, miniature, toy card games are often produced by consumer product manufacturers as sales incentives or free give-aways for children.

Ariel Playing cards, c.1900

Above: these miniature “Ariel” Playing cards were published c.1900. The indices have been inked in, and the box is a slide-in, like a matchbox. Image courtesy Ken Lodge.   (Click image to see more).

Acorn series miniature children's playing cards, c.1950

Above: Acorn series miniature children's playing cards, with 'N' monogram on ace of spades, manufactured anonymously in England, c.1950. The cards are printed in red/yellow/black only and the reverse shows a pixie sitting on a toadstool.

Above: advert from inside 1927 edition of U.S.P.C.C’s ‘Selected Patience Games’ booklet for various sizes of patience and miniature playing cards.

Anonymous miniature playing cards from Mexico, c.2000

Above: anonymous miniature cards from Mexico, c.2000.

Below: uncut cards of miniature Spanish suited playing cards in medieval style, uncoloured and anonymous.

Above: miniature Spanish suited playing cards in medieval style advertising “La Paella” spices and condiments, c.1930-40.

Above: Avión 201 miniature playing cards manufactured in Spain by H. Fournier S.A., c.1950, with a Spanish exportation tax stamp on the four of Clubs and an Argentinian importation tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts.

Above: miniature playing cards inserted into consumer products as a sales incentive and for children to collect, 1930s-1950s.

Above: cards from children's deck of miniature "The Jolly Joker" playing cards, manufactured anonymously, Argentina, c.1940s.

Above: two miniature decks by Hudson (Australia): a) Morley Toy playing cards, b) Junior playing cards, court cards in red/black only, 1940s or 1950s.

Above: miniature 'TOYS' Spanish suited playing cards from Argentina, 1980.

Above: "Mini Trump Card" key ring playing cards, published by Popcorn Co. Ltd, made in China, 2011.

STAB Lx Matchbox labels with playing card designs

Above: STAB Lx Swedish Matchbox labels with playing card designs.

Birkel Schwarzer Peter Zirkus Kartenspiel, c.1950

Above: Birkel Schwarzer Peter Zirkus Kartenspiel, Germany, c.1950.

Miniature playing cards, 1964

Above: Miniature Spanish playing cards, 1964.

Above: Piatnik’s “Empire Patience”

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