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Fortune Telling Cards

Fortune Telling Cards - wondrous scientific divination poker cards.

Detail of 'Fortune' card from Chinese Fortune Telling Cards

Chinese Fortune Telling Cards

“Wondrous scientific divination poker cards”

These Fortune Telling cards are probably made in Taiwan, owing to the use of traditional Chinese instead of the simplified version. The best part of the card is taken up by a block of Chinese text. Also, note Mickey Mouse on the jokers - evidently Asian card makers are ardent Disney fans! The really interesting feature of this deck are the 8 cards each with a perforation within them. The inscription upon the cards are, from L-R (third row) relationships, fate, friendships, travel, exams, (bottom row) fortune, work/career, marriage. The consultant is to select the appropriate divinatory cut-outs regarding the nature of the question and place it over the card drawn from the deck as prescribed on the back of the box. The front side of the box proclaims something along the lines of “wondrous scientific divination poker cards”

Chinese Fortune Telling Cards

Above: “wondrous scientific divination poker cards” probably made in Taiwan and sold in various Far Eastern countries. The cards contain Taoist and Buddhist imagery, on the card marked "fortune" there is a picture of the Chinese god of wealth, Cai Shen ( 财神). The back of the box has the instructions, which are very convoluted, and I was only able to make out something about shuffling the cards and dealing them out in piles. Images and descriptive notes courtesy Anthony Lee.


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Polish fortune-telling cards

Fortune-telling pack with divinatory rhymes in Polish, c.1985.

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Comic Fortune-Telling Cards published by Reynolds & Sons, c.1850.

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Cartomancy and Divination Cards

Playing cards are used for fortune-telling, predicting the future or even as a psychological adjunct to folk medicine and therapy.

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Chinese Costumes from the Winterthur Collection, published by Fournier, 1984.

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Playtex - le jeu de la beauté et du destin, Grimaud, 1971.

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El Oráculo de la Bruja

“El Oráculo de la Bruja” fortune-telling cards, 2003.

Chinese Jokers

Chinese Jokers

Chinese playing card makers have probably produced the widest variety of jokers of any single part of the world.

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Characters of “The Water Margin”

Characters from the Chinese novel “The Water Margin” - 水滸撲克.

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Georgian Fortune Telling Cards, c.1800.

Black Cat Fortune Telling Cards

Black Cat Fortune Telling Cards

Black Cat Fortune Telling Cards published by Parker Bros, 1897

1860 Wüst Lenormand deck, c.1860

Wüst Lenormand deck, c.1860

Wüst Lenormand deck, c.1860

Tô Tôm №1204

Tô Tôm №1204

Tô Tôm is played with a 120-card Chinese-style deck.

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Il Destino Svelato Dal Tarocco

The Cagliostro Tarot was first published in 1912 as “Il Destino Svelato Dal Tarocco”.

Fortune Telling playing cards

Fortune Telling playing cards

English Fortune Telling cards probably published c.1770.

1966 Le Grand Tarot Belline

Le Grand Tarot Belline

“Le Grand Tarot Belline” after drawings by Edmond Billaudot (1829-1881).

1972 Aleister Crowley Tarot – the sombre luminary

Aleister Crowley Tarot – the sombre luminary

Aleister Crowley Tarot - Crowley and Lady Freda Harris worked on the illustrations between 1938 and 1943

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, Beijing, China, c.1998.

1955 Cartas Gitanas

Cartas Gitanas

The designs of these fortune-telling cards are largely taken from nineteenth century Austrian "Rural Scenes" Tarock cards.

Maxi Puke 201 Circus Poker

Maxi Puke 201 Circus Poker

Maxi Puke 201 Circus Poker brand produced by Wenyu Paper Products, Shanghai.

57: China 3

57: China 3

A third and final look at some Chinese cards.



“Double Happiness” brand Hakka [客家] playing cards used by Hakka ethnic communities who have a separate identity from Cantonese,

55: China 2

55: China 2

Some further American designs used in China.

Tam Cúc  三菊

Tam Cúc 三菊

Tam Cúc playing cards from Vietnam, based on Chinese chess, 2016

54: China 1

54: China 1

Although many people would not consider Chinese cards worth collecting, the huge variety of court designs used by the companies based in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan over the years should be of interest to those who like to enjoy variation in court cards, jokers and aces of spades.

2013 Nine Lives Tarot

Nine Lives Tarot

Nine Lives Tarot by Annette Abolins, 2013.

2004 Housewives Tarot

Housewives Tarot

The ‘Housewives Tarot’ designed by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum, published by Quirk Books, 2004.

Naipes Tu Destino Cartomancy Cards

Naipes Tu Destino Cartomancy Cards

“Naipes Tu Destino” Cartomancy Cards from Peru will ease any stress in your interpersonal relationships c.1975.

1948 The ‘Mystic’

The ‘Mystic’

The ‘Mystic’ Fortune Teller card game by Clifford Toys.

2002 The Playing Card Oracles

The Playing Card Oracles

The Picture Book of Ana Cortez is an original work of art designed to facilitate Divination.

2010 Lucky Buddha Beer

Lucky Buddha Beer

Deck made in China in c.2010 advertising the Chinese brew “Lucky Beer, the enlightened beer”

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army

Each card has a different photo of elements of the terracotta army whose purpose was to protect the emperor Qin Shi Huang in his afterlife.

Magic Poker Cards

Magic Poker Cards

“Magic Poker Cards” are often found inside Christmas crackers along with party hats, puzzles and jokes...