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Published August 17, 2022 Updated August 17, 2022

Three Rare Playing Card Back Designs


By Rod Starling

Member since January 09, 2013

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Rod Starling is one of the founding members of the 52 Plus Joker card collectors club. He has written many articles for the club's quarterly newsletter, Clear the Decks. His collection still encompasses both foreign and American decks. Rod has also authored a book titled The Art and Pleasures of Playing Cards.

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"Playing Card Art Collectors Extraordinaire"

"Some Facts About Facsimiles"

"Something New and Topical"

"Tales From the Stage"

"Shuffling Along With History"

"Steamboat Cards and the Mississippi Mystique"

"Piatnik: High Quality & Longevity"

"Three Rare Playing Card Back Designs"

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59: Owen Jones (1809-74) and De La Rue

59: Owen Jones (1809-74) and De La Rue

A selection of examples of Owen Jones's work printed by De La Rue.

14: Back Designs

14: Back Designs

A few examples of the many interesting back designs.

Playing Card Design

Playing Card Design

The design of a pack of playing cards involves a balance between utilitarian constraints and artistic possibilities.

Owen Jones (1809-1874)

Owen Jones (1809-1874)

Owen Jones (1809-1874) was a Welsh architect and interior designer who designed the backs of playing cards for Thomas de la Rue.

1933 Waddington’s Encore Series

Waddington’s Encore Series

Waddington’s Encore Series 1933.

1933 Barribal Series

Barribal Series

William H. Barribal (1873 - 1956) was a London artist who created the Waddingtons 'Barribal' playing cards series, which are avidly collected today.