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Published June 30, 2022 Updated June 30, 2022

Dertor Bridge

Cards intended for international use by Dertor Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland, c.2001.

Poland Dertor Sp 2001

Dertor is a lesser-known manufacturer of playing cards in Poland which has now been absorbed into the Cartamundi empire, leaving Trefl as an independent rival in Poland. There is no name (or reference number) for this pack on the box so let’s call it “Dertor Bridge”. The designs appear traditional but are in fact non-standard, probably to avoid litigation on the part of other manufacturers. The courts are double-ended and have relatively modern facial expressions. There is a date of 1990 on the Ace of Spades (probably when the company was founded). On all the Aces, 2s, 4s and the Jokers, the words “CARTA REGIA” appear (Latin: Royal Charter). Indices: K, Q, J, A.

See the box

Dertor Bridge, c.2001 Dertor Bridge, c.2001 Dertor Bridge, c.2001

Above: 2 x 52 cards + 3 Jokers in double box. Size: 58 x 89 mm. Printed by Dertor, Warsaw, Poland, c.2001. The box shows the other colour of the back design.

Further Reference

Reference to Dertor: Alta Carta


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2001 Dertor Bridge

Dertor Bridge

Cards intended for international use by Dertor Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland, c.2001.

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Non-standard playing cards produced by Artex (Budapest) for the Gdynia-America Line, Poland, c.1958.

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Medieval style playing cards commemorating the Battle of Grunwald (1410), designed and published by Studio Wena, 2011



“Kasztelańskie No. 460” playing cards manufactured by Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobów Papierowych, Crakow, c.1980s.

2003 Cardiology Trials

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Cardiology Trials - limited edition playing cards by Krakowskie Zaklady Wyrobów Papierowych Trefl (KZWP), 2003

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Prof. Franciszek Bunsch

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Anna Gaber

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Polish playing cards

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